Do you need an English Tutor?

I am a fully-qualified, experienced English teacher offering tuition at all secondary levels, including A-Level.

What can a Private Tutor offer?

Students can benefit from private tuition for a number of reasons. Many who struggle to keep up with the pace of a busy classroom thrive with the quiet environment of 1:1 tuition. Tuition can be targeted to focus on specific weak areas, or can be more general with the aim of raising overall performance.

What does Private Tuition involve?

I offer all prospective clients a free, no-obligation consultation session in which we will discuss how best to meet your particular needs. Each student has their sessions tailored specifically to achieve their goal. Some students want general skills practice, some want to link the sessions to class-work to aid understanding and achievement at school, whilst others want exam practice with detailed feedback and exam preparation.

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